Specialized works department

Variety of electric installation works.

The youngest structural trust subdivision was created in 2015. A short period of time was needed to create an efficient team aimed at common goals and objectives. Profitability, efficiency, high productivity are considered to be the main characteristics of the branch work.

The branch abilities embrace all types of electric installation works:

  • installation of external power supply networks, including installation and repair of   overground and cable transmission lines, transformer and distribution substations;
  • installion of internal networks of power supply and lighting;
  • installation and commissioning of automation systems.

220013 Minsk, Yakuba Kolasa street, 38

Tel/fax +375 17 234-13-51 – reception
+375 17 234-13-57 – Director Rudenko Alexander Ivanovich
+375 17 322-41-74 – Chief Engineer Veretennikov Yegor Alexeevich.

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