Department of mechanization №191

Foto0824Support the construction of building machines and machinery.

It’s the usual thing for the branch to begin all the changes with themselves.

Industrial and household housing should be attractive with respectable interiors and comfortable household conditions for employees. Let’s face it, not everything hasn’t been performed yet.

But, let’s give them time and the department would learn best by doing.

The branch has got approximately 60 units of building machines and machinery. Over last few years, the machinery park has been significantly updated, and this process is continuing.

The available machinery is served by experts of the branch. For this purpose, there is the department of combustion unit repair and storage – battery, turner, welding and fitter divisions.

The fact that the branch is working now profitably, developing and facing the future confidently  is the evidence of the merit of a hard-working team understanding their business.

220075 Minsk, Selitzkogo street, 25 A

Tel/Fax +375 17 344-21-02 – Reception
+375 17 344-26-72 – Director Bohan Victor Vasiljevich
+375 17 344-21-02 – Chief Engineer Zhilan Andrey Petrovich


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