Construction department №211

DSC_0048Complex of civil and erection works and finishing works (repair, reconstruction): all kinds of installation and dismantling, internal and external decoration, heat-insulating and waterproofing, roofing and flooring, filling in window and door openings etc.

SU № 211 performs  plastering, tiling,  mosaic, granitic, painting and glass works, installation of joinery and all types of floors and ceilings, waterproofing , paneling, facade decorating.

To perform a variety of finishing works in the health facilities, housing and social facilities management has all necessary licenses and certificates for all kinds of finishing works demanding certification. All new kinds of finishing works, technologies used in construction are introduced into production by the SU-211 team.

SU №211 has put in commission the following facilities: “Reconstruction of the buildings of municipal hospital № 4 for the Republican Scientific and Practical Centre” Cardiology “, “Reconstruction of buildings № 8 and 9 of the 9th municipal  hospital for the RSPC of transplantation of organs and tissues”, “Therapeutic Building of the 3rd municipal hospital named after Klumov “(the 19th century historical monument), “Students’ Hostel” of the Belarusian State University on Pobediteley Avenue in Minsk.” For the reconstruction of the second building of the 9th municipal hospital in Minsk in 2012, SU № 211 was awarded Diploma of the prize winner of the Republican contest “For the best achievements in the construction area” in nomination “Object of the Year”.

With the participation of the SU-211 team, seven kindergartens were built in Minsk,  primary school № 29 on Solnechnaya street, the sanatorium “Praleska”,  Sport Children and Youth School of the Olympic Reserves № 5 on football and Students’ Village hostels were reconstructed, as well as finishing works on housing facilities of the trust were performed.

The branch always keeps up with the time implementing  sophisticated and advanced technologies  which allows to build and reconstruct facilities for various purposes and of any complexity, e.g. buildings №4 and № 7 of the 9th municipal hospital in Minsk and buildings of the regional hospital. The team can be proud of their participation in the construction and capital repair of

  • medical and dispensary buildings of the RSPCentre of Oncology and Medical Radiology named after Alexandrov;
  • capital repairs of administrative buildings on M. Bogdanovicha street and Skaryna Avenue;
  • the kindergarten in the micro district Masyukovshchina.

Finishing works on objects are performed successfully and quickly due to  innovative technologies and a high quality of finishing materials, f.e. dry construction mixtures, adhesives for facade works, coating, plaster and self-levelling compounds, wallpapers, tiles and others.

There are now more than 300 employees.  A monthly volume of work performed by SU № 211 includes:

  • 4500 m2 of sand-cement couplings;
  • 3300 m2 of floor covering to lay;
  • 3,000 m2 of tiled floor units;
  • 2,000 m2 of wall covering;
  • 1000 m2 of suspended ceilings;
  • 4,500 m2 of wallpapering;
  • 6,000 m2 of facade works;
  • 200 m2 of door installation.

Since March 2011, the branch has got an area of feeble – current works that performs installation and adjustment of systems of fire warning, evacuation management, intrusion alarm, access control, CCTV and locally calculative networks.

220013 Minsk, Yakuba Kolasa street, 38

Tel/fax  +375 17 234-36-10 – reception
+375 17 234-36-04 – Director Lazarenko Andrey Eduardovich
+375 17 234-36-12 – Chief Engineer Kuzmenkov Igor Ivanovich

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