DSC_0904Company history began on January 15, 1979 when construction and installation trust № 35 was created on the basis of SU – 18 (Building Department № 18)  of “Minskstroy” complex. Their own industrial base was created by the trust in 1986 which let concentrate construction machinery in the industrial area of Shabany and do their repair effectively. Afterwards, industrial  bases of building departments  were transferred to this area. Their own techniques and machinery allow them to be more mobile and independent.

The first manager of construction and installation trust № 35 was Nikolai Ignatievich Dmitruk, an expert with highly – developed organizational skills. Then, in different years, the trust was headed  by G.N. Birger, V.K. Fironov, N.V. Botyanovsky, N.N. Popkov, A.A. Grinko, A.P. Kustov. In 2006, the team was headed by Valery Krupinsky, a manager of a new generation. He started his working career in the trust 25 years ago as a foreman and overcame all the steps of promotion ladder. Valery Mikhailovich was awarded the medal “For labour services ” and the  badge “Honourable Builder”.

At present, the Joint Stock Company “Stroytrest № 35” consists of 12 units carrying out construction and installation, sanitary engineering, electrical and finishing works, also installation of external heating networks, water supply, sewerage, in-house  driveways and landscaping.

DSC_0922JSC “Stroytrest № 35” has got a modern production base and highly qualified personnel. The trust team employs more than 1,800 people. The objects of the trust were repeatedly recognized as the best ones and the workers won the competition for the best workers in the profession.

New construction, reconstruction and capital repairs, masonry and monolithic works, development of new technologies are within power of  JSC “Stroytrest № 35”.

Over the years, the list of carried out works and provided services is expanding while creating areas of special works or additional branches.

High professionalism and consistently working team of competent and responsible experts resulted for the trust in the leading position in the industry. In 2014 JSC “Stroytrest №35» was put on the National Board of Honour.

“That one who chooses our trust as a business partner can  have no doubt about that even the most daring ideas will be put into life worthy” — assures the General Director  Valery Krupinsky.

According to the results of the Republican contest for the best achievements in the construction area in 2015 the General Director V.M. Krupinsky became  the “ Manager of the Year.”