The construction of health facilities.
Modern medicine, modern buildings and construction technology!
Construction of office buildings.
We build the present, inscribing it in the historical appearance of the country!
Construction of residential houses.
We build, to make your life more comfortable and happier!

We are building the future today!

DSC_0904At present, the Joint Stock Company “Stroytrest № 35” consists of 12 units carrying out construction and installation, sanitary engineering, electrical and finishing works, also installation of external heating networks, water supply, sewerage, in-house driveways and landscaping.

JSC “Stroytrest № 35” has got a modern production base and highly qualified personnel. The trust team employs more than 1,800 people. The objects of the trust were repeatedly recognized as the best ones and the workers won the competition for the best workers in the profession. New construction, reconstruction and capital repairs, masonry and monolithic works, development of new technologies are within power of  JSC “Stroytrest № 35”.